UAE Residents’ Life Expectancy Surges by 2.2 Years in PureHealth’s Longevity Trials

In the first phase of the Longevity 1.0 trials conducted by healthcare group PureHealth in the UAE, over 100 participants experienced a remarkable increase in their average life expectancy by 2.2 years.

Launched with the goal of adding up to 25 years to residents’ life expectancy over the next 50 years, the trials focused on improving biomarkers through exercise and a healthier diet under clinical supervision. 

Results showed decreased diabetes risk, increased physical activity, and weight loss among participants. PureHealth aims to raise the UAE’s current life expectancy of 76 years to 101 years through initiatives like Longevity 2.0 trials, emphasizing the importance of health spans over just life spans. 

The second phase aims to combat age-related diseases and further enhance longevity through lifestyle improvements. 

The group envisions transforming Abu Dhabi into a “blue zone city,” where residents live longer than the global average.

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