UAE weather: Temperatures to reach 45 °C, dust to blow, low clouds possible

According to the National Centre of Meteorology, the day will be fair overall with occasional periods of partial cloudiness.

There will be light to moderate breezes that occasionally get fresher and blow dust. By morning, low clouds will be visible over the Eastern shore, and by afternoon, some clouds may start to build in the East.

The country might see temperatures as high as 45 °C. In Abu Dhabi and Dubai, the mercury will soar to 44 and 43 degrees, respectively.

However, in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, the lows might reach 30 °C, while in hilly areas, they could reach 25 °C.

Over some coastal locations, it will be humid Thursday night and Friday early. Levels in Abu Dhabi and Dubai will range from 25% to 80%.

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