UAE’s midday break will take effect, today

On June 15, from 12:30 to 15:00, until September 15, 2022, a midday break will be effective, and it will restrict laborers and workers across construction sites from working during sunny peak hours in the afternoon.

In its 18th consecutive year, the Ministry of Human Resource and Emiratisation is implementing this program in line with the occupational, health, and safety, which aims to provide a safe environment in working and lessen the risks of exposure to high mercury levels during the summer. 

Although, some works are exempted from this program for in-need reasons. Working with repairing road damages, emergency losses, water supply lines, eclectic lines, oil and gas pipes, and sewage lines. 

If multiple workers are working in violation of the noon work ban, a fine of Dh50,000 can be imposed on establishments that violate the ban.

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