Cheng, operations manager at one of the largest spa chain in UAE, says: ‘I was very persistent. I guess my will power, positivity and zest in life have taught me how to survive.’  

As an operations manager at one of the largest spa chain in UAE, Joyce Cheng’s days are always full of surprises.

“There is no mundane day for me. Each is a chance to run with the wolves,” she tells Dubai Vibes Magazine.

Joyce, who finished Bookkeeping in Malaysia before studying fashion, beauty and wellness in Singapore, said her job gives her the opportunity to do various functions – from training therapists to assisting with customer complaints and everything else in between.

“It is rarely boring. My job continuously fascinates me,” she says.

Joyce, who has been calling Dubai home for the past 10 years, had also stayed in Paris, London and Abu Dhabi.

“It is a beautiful city, very cosmopolitan,” she says of Dubai. “Lots to explore; same in the UK. You have chance to meet good prospects for business and interesting people from all walks of life. You will learn a lot from this city because of its diversity,” said Joyce. 

She had previously gone to Hong Kong to pursue fashion designing and stayed there for two years.

Joyce’s life journey began one day when she realized she would have to do it all by herself if she was to get to where she wants to be.

“Early in life, I learned how to earn a living because my parents didn’t support my career choice,” she shared.

“As I was very persistent to chase my dream and make it a reality, I tried everything from sewing bridal gowns to hairdressing, bookkeeping, massaging…the list goes on.

“I guess my will power, positivity and zest in life have taught me how to survive wherever I am, wherever I chose to be,” Joyce added.

And so, with an insatiable hunger for knowledge, she has developed the habit of spending hours at night surfing the net for things to learn.

“This might sound unusual, but my day starts not like most people’s. Mine starts at midnight. I am a night owl, a late sleeper. I’m fond of ‘googling stuff’ like how-to tutorials, discovering the latest beauty or art products, and more.

“I like stuff that feeds my mind and fuels my creativity. Apart from it, I make sure all things are prepared before I close my eyes. Then, I wake up late in the morning like say around 10am. I check my phone and email and sometimes have little snacks before I jet off to work,” she says.

And finally, asked which part of Dubai is her favorite, Joyce has this quirkily witty reply: “My bed.”

“I’m busy at work. So, after a long day I just simply wanted to rest. But if I have the luxury of time, you can find me in the beachside with a glass of rose wine,” she says.

Joyce is one of the pioneers who opened Dreamworks Spa, and has 10 branches  in Dubai under her belt. She is a licensed medical massage professional and certified fashion designer, hairdresser, and cosmetologist.