UNTOLD EXPAT STORIES. Joyce Cheng chases a dream

Cheng, operations manager at one of the largest spa chain in UAE, says: ‘I was very persistent. I guess my will power, positivity and zest in life have taught me how to survive.’  

As an operations manager at one of the largest spa chain in UAE, Joyce Cheng’s days are always full of surprises.

“There is no mundane day for me. Each is a chance to run with the wolves,” she tells Dubai Vibes Magazine.

Joyce, who finished Bookkeeping in Malaysia before studying fashion, beauty and wellness in Singapore, said her job gives her the opportunity to do various functions – from training therapists to assisting with customer complaints and everything else in between.

“It is rarely boring. My job continuously fascinates me,” she says.

Joyce, who has been calling Dubai home for the past 10 years, had also stayed in Paris, London and Abu Dhabi.

“It is a beautiful city, very cosmopolitan,” she says of Dubai. “Lots to explore; same in the UK. You have chance to meet good prospects for business and interesting people from all walks of life. You will learn a lot from this city because of its diversity,” said Joyce. 

She had previously gone to Hong Kong to pursue fashion designing and stayed there for two years.

Joyce’s life journey began one day when she realized she would have to do it all by herself if she was to get to where she wants to be.

“Early in life, I learned how to earn a living because my parents didn’t support my career choice,” she shared.

“As I was very persistent to chase my dream and make it a reality, I tried everything from sewing bridal gowns to hairdressing, bookkeeping, massaging…the list goes on.

“I guess my will power, positivity and zest in life have taught me how to survive wherever I am, wherever I chose to be,” Joyce added.

And so, with an insatiable hunger for knowledge, she has developed the habit of spending hours at night surfing the net for things to learn.

“This might sound unusual, but my day starts not like most people’s. Mine starts at midnight. I am a night owl, a late sleeper. I’m fond of ‘googling stuff’ like how-to tutorials, discovering the latest beauty or art products, and more.

“I like stuff that feeds my mind and fuels my creativity. Apart from it, I make sure all things are prepared before I close my eyes. Then, I wake up late in the morning like say around 10am. I check my phone and email and sometimes have little snacks before I jet off to work,” she says.

And finally, asked which part of Dubai is her favorite, Joyce has this quirkily witty reply: “My bed.”

“I’m busy at work. So, after a long day I just simply wanted to rest. But if I have the luxury of time, you can find me in the beachside with a glass of rose wine,” she says.

Joyce is one of the pioneers who opened Dreamworks Spa, and has 10 branches  in Dubai under her belt. She is a licensed medical massage professional and certified fashion designer, hairdresser, and cosmetologist.  


  1. Ms Joyce is one of the few people I know who is very hardworking, humble, and a very down-to-earth person. She’s very dedicated to her job and when you need her didn’t give any second thought to help you. Under her supervision here in Dreamworks Spa I learned a lot of things. She’s a very nice person and I’m so proud of her to be featured here in your magazine. Thank you for letting her be featured here.

  2. Such an inspiring story. Dubai is truly an amazing place full of opportunities for everyone from all walks of life.

    Joyce is truly an exceptional woman whose story will inspire many generations to work hard and believe in their dreams.

    I have visited Joyce’s Dreamwork Spa’s and experienced the amazing atmosphere and level of professionalism from the staff at Dreamwork Spa who are all recruited, prepped and trained by Joyce herself.

    Proud to see such a lovely article about such a lovely person. Well done

  3. Joyce is a very positive and accommodating person. She never says no to customers even though some customers can be very difficult.

  4. Madam Joyce Cheng (operation manager) it was 2015 when she hired me as a receptionist of one of the famous spa in dubai madam give me the courage to know everything and taught me a lots of duties and responsibilities. She is my mentor, A good Leader in my 6yrs together in the company. Her passion and love to her work is so priceless.

  5. Wonderful story. So glad to know you find what you love and excel in it. May God continue to guide you in all your endeavors🥰

  6. Joyce is such a vibrant, enthusiastic & wonderful person with entrepreneurial mindset I wish her well whatever she endeavour & wherever she wil be.

    Miss you sis. Take care…cheerio !

  7. Joyce is fantastic and a pleasure to work with. She is always in great spirits and brightens up any room. We love having her around Radisson Dubai DAMAC Hills.

  8. Congrats Joyce for accomplishing your dreams and taking your passions to next level by refining your skills. Wishing all the best in all your endeavors.

  9. Congratulations to Joyce Cheng, We are truly honoured to have such a strong and dynamic leader and motivator.Malaysia so proud of you !

  10. Such an inspiring story for modern lady today .Continue your successful work and keep encouraging community!

  11. She is one of the best beauticians I’ve ever had. Met her when she worked in London and miss her a lot, I still have not found anyone as experienced as her. I’m glad to read that she’s doing so well.

  12. Joyce you are amazing, full of energy and positivity. You are actually an inspiration for the youger generation who are running around for success. I have been dealing with you as a supplier almost 10 years and never ever seen you with negative attitudes especially with your staff. God bless you more.

  13. Very inspiring piece of life journey of Joyce that will inspire & motivate youngsters to pursue dreams of their own! Keep it up Joyce and congratulations- you have done it !

  14. I often asked myself… How one can reach their desired career goal?? After reading this article of Ms. Joyce, I learnt that one of the secret recipe in achieving what you always dreamt of… is being “Passionate” in what you do, and combined it with dedication and hard work… Indeed you can turn your dream into reality.
    I was so inspired with all the outcome of her determination. It is delightful to learn how someone hungry for knowledge had also googled additional points in “learning tutorials” to deliver perfection.. I couldn’t help myself but research her Instagram profile. and as expected, My Jaw dropped!!! when I saw that aside from being hard working superior to her organization. Needless to say, Ms. Joyce being a certified cosmetologist as well has developed her brilliant ideas and creativity into a masterpiece products. you can check out her lovely designs in her Instagram profile @bailirosesoapandco ‘It is so rare I considered it “ART”. I really admire her work ethic. I will be placing my order asap… 😉 “Keep up the great work.”

  15. I know Joyce for a long time and her incredible determination and hard working fascinates me each time !!:)it’s hard to find her sitting for 2 minutes !:)She is also incredibly talented and have a soul of an artist !she is simply a multi talent and a very interesting person to know and work with !I am so blessed to know her

  16. Energetic & ambitious lady, keep going Joyce Cheng. Many will inspire by your stories publised in this magazine.

  17. I know Joyce for many years ,she is very passionate on her job and she always wanted the spa to be number one , whenever we met she always talk about doing training for her colleagues to improve their customer skills .
    I believe Joyce is a great asset for the company


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