Vegan pizza in Veganuary… anyone wants a bite?

DUBAI, UAE : Dubai Vegan Days, the family-friendly community dining initiative, is inviting everyone to join them in a warm, friendly lunch event, celebrating the end of Veganuary with some unique pizzas.

The three-course meal, which takes place on Saturday, February 6, is a special opportunity to indulge all your taste buds in dishes, which celebrate the best of fresh Italian ingredients combined with vegan creativity. 

BiCE Ristorante at Hilton Dubai Jumeirah, joined forces with Dubai-based vegan entrepreneur and recipe developer Kamilla Omarzay, to create an astounding array of tasty pizzas prepared with BiCE’s famous house-crafted dough.

Together with BiCE’s Head Chef Davide Gardini, Kamilla has created an exclusive selection of vegan pizzas to marking Veganuary. 

Guests are welcome to savour delicious, authentically crafted 100% vegan pizzas crafted after a great deal of toil in the kitchens at BiCE. Kamilla, Chef Davide and the team spent days trying out new recipes and ingredients, working with different vegan cheeses and sauces, to perfect taste, texture and ensure everyone really enjoys the pizzas.

The menu features a mouth-watering choice of six delicious pizzas, including the ‘Trofulicious’ Pizza – a cream of pumpkin base, with roasted tofu, grilled eggplant and black truffle; the ‘Meat Me There’ Pizza featuring vegan sausage, vegan mozzarella and a cream of asparagus topping and the Cheesy Fondue Pizza with a generous spread of vegan cheese fondue, grandmother’s tomato sauce and a rich spinach cream. 

The Mas-calzone folded Pizza is packed with creamy vegan cheese, artichoke hearts, mushrooms and a broccoli cream. 

BiCE’s Fru’ Fru’ Pizza includes a delightful cream of Jerusalem artichoke artfully topped with roasted pumpkin, black olives, rocket leaves and basil oil and finally, there’s even a dessert pizza – called Basically Nut – featuring a creamy slather of rich, vegan chocolate and hazelnut Nutella spread.

Kamilla says: “I am thrilled to be working with BiCE Ristorante and Chef Davide again. I am honoured to impart my culinary creativity in preparing and introducing the six new pizza recipes at this iconic Italian restaurant. 

“BiCE Ristorante’s pizzas for sure are one of the best in Dubai and we are confident that the BiCE loyalists will enjoy the new addition to the menu. Eating clean doesn’t mean missing out on one of the best things in life. That’s why, through this menu, we are taking everyone’s favourite dish – pizza – and giving it a fresh take by making it 100% vegan.”

Head to the restaurant’s stunning terrace at lunchtime on February 6, and for just AED99, you’ll get a starter, a choice of main course vegan pizza and a delicious coconut-based dessert. For AED115, guests will also be able to enjoy tea, coffee and soft drinks.

Beverage is available, but charged separately. 

First up, diners can indulge in a creative Insalata di quinoa – featuring quinoa, vegetables and a stunning marinated pineapple carpaccio. 

Next, choose your pizza – we recommend choosing one each from the five available, and sharing a slice or three! 

Leave room for a palate-cleansing Assoluto di cocco dessert – a refreshing coconut mousse served with a lemon sorbet and white chocolate crumble 

There are just 40 seats on the BiCE terrace, so book early to avoid disappointment. 

Organiser of Dubai Vegan Days, Ananda Shakespeare says: “We are always thrilled to discover another dining venue is not only paying heed to the desires of the growing number of vegans in Dubai – and vegan tourists, but actively pursuing unique dishes that will thrill anyone and everyone. BiCE has gone the extra mile in joining forces with the wonderful Kamilla in this extraordinary menu that we can’t wait to try.”

Veganism is on the rise, with some half a million people globally pledging to try out veganism in January, as part of the Veganuary movement. Dubai Vegan Days is a fun, friendly food-based concept launched in 2018, offering everyone a chance to try good food, meet open- and like-minded people and perhaps learn more about what it means to be a vegan. 

You can find out more about the Vegan Community day via Facebook, at

Prior booking/reservations is mandatory. Guests are invited to call BiCE Ristorante on 04 318 2319 or email to guarantee a table. 


WHERE: BiCE Risotrante, Hilton Dubai Jumeirah, JBR The Walk 

WHEN: SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 6, 12:30pm -3:30pm


With only 40 seats available, Dubai Vegan Days’ popular events sell out fast.

Please let the BiCE team know of any allergies or intolerances. 

Did you know?

  • Vegans do not suffer from a lack of protein. There is more protein in broccoli than beef. Lentils, spinach and almonds are also protein-packed and contain other great nutrients too. You simply do not need to consume meat to get protein. Other vitamins and minerals that are widely and easily available to vegans include Vitamin D, Vitamin B12 and Vitamin C. 
  • Going one year without paper saves 8.5 trees. Going one year without beef saves 3,432 trees. 
  • The list of famous and influential vegans is enormous, including: Albert Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci, Alicia Silverstone, Ellen Degeneres, Joaquin Phoenix, Woody Harrelson and Casey Affleck.
  • If everyone became vegan, billions of dollars could be saved in worldwide healthcare annually.  

The term ‘vegan’ was coined in the UK in 1944. A man named Donald Watson invented the term vegan when he co-founded the Vegan Society. At first, he used it to mean “non-dairy vegetarian”, but from 1951 the Society defined it as “the doctrine that [people] should live without exploiting animals”.


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