WaveShark EMEA is heading to the Dubai International Boat Show

WaveShark is the only brand in the water sports industry that produces both electric foil and jetboard.

Water sports enthusiasts will get a chance to check out the world’s fastest electric surfboards in person at the Dubai International Boat Show from March 9-13. WaveShark EMEA is scheduled to have an exclusive, full-service booth set up at exhibit station WS-16.

WaveShark is a multinational high-tech water sports brand that was created with the goal of bringing the fastest, longest lasting, best-designed, water sports equipment to the market.

WaveShark’s experienced EMEA team will be on hand to guide new enthusiasts and experienced riders alike through the fast-paced workings of the cutting-edge Waveshark efoil and jetboard, which are fast becoming prestige pieces for discerning yacht owners and water sports enthusiasts.

WaveShark is the only extreme water sports brand that produces electric efoils and jetboards. The WaveShark efoil holds the industry record for longest-lasting battery, with a whopping 180-minute ride time, while the jetboard boasts both the longest ride time in its class (65 mins) and an industry record for its dizzying max speed of 60 km/h.

Richard Ye, General Manager of WaveShark EMEA, says “WaveShark was envisioned as the SuperCar of the Sea. It goes faster, lasts longer, and uses better technology than other boards on the market. People know who we are, what we make, and that we do not compromise in pursuit of engineering perfection: 

Get your engines ready for an extreme ride. WaveShark will be at exhibit booth WS-16 during The Dubai International Boat Show from March 9-13.

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