In Kusina Natin To’ there is a Binalot Special that will make your day brighter

Are you looking for the best, quality, and authentic Binalot special in Dubai? I think you need to read this review.

I have been looking for a boundless Binalot special in Dubai for a long time. As a Filipino, I strongly agree that I cannot eat any viand without rice. Moreover, as a person from Visayas, Philippines, I am looking for our best delicacies here in Dubai. I miss authentic Filipino food a lot.

In just one click, everything came to reality, after waiting for long eons to look for the best Pinoy restaurant that offers genuine Binalot. Finally, I found Kusina Natin To’ in Al Satwa, Dubai. Well, visibly, the chefs are all from the Philippines, and they have their specialty. In my case of craving with Binalot, the chef is a Visayan, and he knows the actual taste of a trustworthy Binalot.

But before I continue my review, do you know what the real Binalot taste like? Since it is wrapped in banana leaves and we see that it is aromatic when it gets steamed, thus, a great binalot should be fragrant, and once you open it, the banana leaves aroma should somewhat smell in the rice, the taste compliments the fragrance. This meal was based on the primitive way of cooking of Asians thousands of years ago.    

These elements above can be perfectly found in the Binalot special of Kusina Natin To’. I have been in this restaurant several times after tasting one of their Binalot and take note; I’m paying for my food.

These are their famous binalot special:

  1. Binalot na Bicol Express
  2. Binalot na Chicken Inasal
  3. Binalot na Chicken Adobo  
  4. Binalot na Chicken Kawali
  5. Binalot na Beef Sisig
  6. Binalot na Chicken Sisig
  7. Binalot na Beef Tapa
  8. Binalot na Nilasing na Hipon

These are guaranteed 100% legitimate from their flavor, aroma, and taste. You will never regret it, and I promise it. Try it now and experience the Philippines in Kusina Natin To.’

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