What happens when two passions converge to achieve one goal?

Like Roy Bennett’s book The Light in the Heart, Elma thinks that “The outward world reflects the inner world. Other people’s perceptions of you reflect them; your reaction to them reflects your understanding of yourself.”

Elma Sahovic, a 29-year-old Bosnian and Herzegovina native, is the Sales and Marketing Manager of Al Ain Palace Hotel. She regarded herself as a superb team player during working hours since she feels that contributing to the team is more important than focusing on personal accomplishments.

She was born and raised in Sarajevo, the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina, a heart-shaped country in Europe. This empowered woman has a marketing degree and has worked in the business since graduating from college. Her first professional post was as a Social Media Manager in Bosnia. She not only grasped the marketing sector, but she also had the opportunity to work in a variety of employment responsibilities.

She is currently working in the hospitality industry and likes every minute of her time as a marketer in hotel management. Elma stated that the United Arab Emirates provided her with an excellent chance to advance her career in both the traditional hospitality profession and in a more diversified and dynamic environment.

“My current work combines two of my passions: the passion for hospitality and the second being passionate for marketing. Both fields are dynamic, and the challenges bring me excitement every day,” she said. 

Elma’s ultimate dream

Challenges are an inevitable aspect of life. And every dreamer must overcome obstacles and brawls before achieving their ultimate aim. The growth of COVID-19 has provided Elma with several opportunities to comprehend the significance of life. It introduced new methods of adapting to the surrounding environment. However, she feels that adversity can bring out the best in others.

“I would say the most challenging thing I have faced in the UAE was getting someone to give me a chance to prove my mettle. Even though I had an educational background in marketing and experience in the same field, it took me almost a year to find an entry marketing job. But my perseverance paid off, and Abu Dhabi allowed me to work towards my goals,” she shared. 

Elma went on to say that the COVID-19 epidemic had taught her that life can be unpredictable and that everyone should be prepared to confront adversity. He is now considering relocating to the United Arab Emirates. His ambition is for her to advance in her work and provide financial security for her family.

Abu Dhabi journey

Elma has been in Abu Dhabi since February of this year. Furthermore, she portrays the emirate as a metropolis where individuals from over 200 nations coexist.

“Abu Dhabi provided me the opportunity to be a part of its wonderful tradition and values, which helped me grow tremendously personally and professionally,” she continued.

Saadiyat Mamsha is one of her favorite places in the emirate. The blue lake and excellent restaurants make her unwind on any difficult day every time she visits the region. The location continues to astound her from every perspective.

Lastly, when Dubai Vibes Magazine asked her about her life after work, she said that she enjoys reading, visiting fine dining restaurants, fitness regimes, and online courses. 

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