What’s a Valentine’s Day without the scents?

Light of Sakina, is a Dubai based artisanal scent company established with the desire to craft the perfect environmentally friendly Oud candle. Born in 2018, a brain-child of Naila Rahim, former oil and gas professional, the story behind the company oozes romance. She teamed up with volunteers to teach widows over the internet the art of sustainable soy candle making to give them economic independence and support their family, all via the power of internet.

Fast forward to today, the artisan candlemakers have come out with a delicious smelling Valentine’s Day line featuring two beautiful scents Enchanted Rose and Enigmatic Oud. While one unfurls into a woody and sweet oud to tantalize your nose, the other emits the evergreen smell of a delightful rose. These candles will entice your senses as they gently take over the atmosphere to create a romantic and aromatic environment. We recommend enjoying the multi-sensory experience of combined chocolates & candles with your close circle – the perfect accompaniment to celebrating the oneness of love.

Each candle burns for at least 55 hours and can be paired with Dark Belgian Chocolate. Buy both candles and get a chocolate box for free.

We promise you, the beautiful scents will make you come back for thirds


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