With TABU Dubai, you’ll enjoy Brunch Finesse at its Finest

Find out what TABU offers in terms of the most outstanding modern Japanese food. You may experience the fantastic atmosphere of the restaurant with its beautiful interior design, which will wow you once you arrive, with refinement and authenticity.

The ideal setting for a date is this upscale eatery. In addition to the venue’s lavish stage, TABU’s delicious food might give you the impression that heaven is within reach.

The atmosphere of this restaurant is highly soulful and distinctive, and it is clear that the cuisine is excellent from the service, food presentation, color mixing, and, of course, the specifics of each dish on the menu. The dramatic meal service they provide is impressive to experience.

Where else on earth can you find a restaurant born in a theatre? That is how distinctive this eatery is, I guess. Imagine entering the hallway and immediately feeling like you are in a theatre where entertainment is provided continuously until you complete your meal at the restaurant.

Each restaurant component has features and was created with a fantastic narrative. The creativity of the idea is seen in the excellent and seamless world-class entertainment experience. The idea is too original and exciting.

You may comfortably sit in their traditional yet modern seats in the gaps between the tables, which are airy. Presentationally, the table is put up simply yet artistically.

Another must-see terrace is the one with the stunning view of the Burj Khalifa, which is ideal for Instagram.

The superior experience

The menu isn’t just your traditional fine-dining Japanese food; it ensures a unique spin that customers will remember. The meals are improved to a new level thanks to the inspiration of Executive Chef Roberto Segura.

The restaurant’s culinary offerings are enhanced by the recent and innovative developments in the hospitality industry. The skilled chef ensures that all of the senses—sight, smell, touch, hearing, and taste—are utilized by the visitors.

The natural textures, flavors, and presentation of the cuisine, which makes it so remarkable, all reflect the oriental Japanese theme. The stunning artwork and fascinating stories behind each dish are what truly captivates here.

Let’s talk about the favorites: you will sense the area’s amazingness and vibes as soon as you have your first welcome drink. They will finally provide you with their steamed edamame with sea salt as your nibbles as you relax at your table.

Their appetizers are split into cold and hot options, which I particularly appreciate since it makes it easy to taste the food’s texture and original flavor.

It is delightful to sample their taberu rayu, mango, and yuzu daikon dishes and the salmon with coconut. Additionally, the variety of nigiri and maki rolls was captivating and exquisite in flavor.

The Black cod croquette with aji, miso truffle mayo, and tobiko is a must-try dish. The Wagyu beef kushiyaki with anticucho sauce was also incredibly tender, with a strong and new taste.

Imagine how the slow-braised Wagyu beef short rib, served with Japanese rice and shitake mushrooms, reaches your taste receptors. The main courses are not just excellent but outstanding. From the first mouthful to the last, the spicy miso corn-fed baby chicken, wasabi, microgreens salad, salmon toban yaki, sesame mashed potato, bok choy, and kimchi were both excellent.

The dessert will be excellent since, in addition to being so naturally created with fresh fruit, it is also superbly crafted. Despite not being very sweet, it is delicious.

All of the location’s features display its magnificence. The crew is amusing, and the service is first-rate.

You can see that everyone on the job is having fun and that they are always ready to help you anytime you need it. The restaurant’s employees and crew are of various nationalities, which is excellent since it allows them to entertain customers so well.

Tabu Dubai is located on the 23rd floor of St. Regis Downtown in Business Bay. The NOH DHARMA BRUNCH is available during weekends from 12:30 PM- 4:00 PM. 

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