6 Incredible Spots To Watch The Sunset In Dubai – Including One You Can See Twice

There is nothing quite like a breathtaking sunset to captivate your attention and inspire you to contemplate the world’s beauty, whether you are on a romantic date or a relaxing evening stroll. There is something incredibly captivating about watching the sun set, whether over a meal, a few drinks, or simply by gazing at the horizon. Here are a few of our favourite iconic places in Dubai to witness the magnificent transition from day to night.

  1. Burj Khalifa

What’s better than one sunset? Well, how about two? When you are talking about iconic sunsets, the world’s tallest building is always in the conversation.

Stand at the ground level of the spectacular skyscraper and you will see the sunset like any other normal day. Take yourself 124 floors up into the Dubai sky by immediately visiting At The Top Burj Khalifa, and the sheer height you have travelled up allows you to enjoy it all over again – this time with awe-inspiring views of the city in the foreground as your vista is lit by the day’s final embers of sunlight.

This is a phenomenon to behold – and something to tick off the ‘to-do’ list for residents and visitors alike – a truly spectacular experience.   

  1. Address Beach Resort Infinity Pool

We all love a great infinity pool, but when it happens to be the world’s tallest and has incredible views out over some of Dubai’s most recognisable locations, such as JBR, Dubai Marina, and The Palm Jumeirah this really is something special.

Relax in the pool’s warm waters, and drift away as the sun lowers in the sky, lighting casting a beautiful hue on an already spectacular view.

  1. Sky Views Edge walk

If you like a serving of adrenaline with your sunsets, then the Sky Views Edge walk is the place for you. Located at the Address Sky View Hotel, you can simply walk outside the building, and get an unobstructed panoramic view of Dubai’s famous skyline.Nevertheless, if you time your visit to coincide with the setting of the sun, you will have an even more memorable experience.


  1. Marina view from Address Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina is another wonderful sunset location. See the world’s largest man-made marina, along with its spectacular yachts, and stunning architecture bathed in orange, yellow, and red hues as the sun slips out of sight. This is a vibrant lively neighbourhood, but with a chilled-out feel that is perfect for those late afternoon strolls or early evening meals and beverages.

  1. Dubai Creek Harbour

Sunsets can be enjoyed from a new vantage point along Dubai Creek. The tranquil waterfront and proximity to Downtown Dubai make for a stunning skyline view. Here, you can unwind completely while taking in the splendour of the surroundings.

You should definitely check out the Vida Creek Harbour Views Skyline if you find yourself in that part of town. Nearly everywhere in the hotel provides a picture-perfect backdrop for a beautiful sunset, but the pool terrace is a particularly stunning vantage point offering an exceptional experience. 

  1. Burj Park

A piece of green tranquility in Downtown Dubai, Burj Park is the perfect spot for some early evening relaxation. Set in spectacular surrounds, this is a little piece of quiet in the heart of the city. Watch the sun set behind iconic skyscrapers, as chinks of light break through gaps in the buildings offering a warm glow to end the day.  This man-made island perfect for an evening stroll or taking a moment to breathe, and releasing some of the stresses of the day.

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