6 memorable gifts for Ramadan

As the Holy Month of Ramadan approaches, it brings along an atmosphere of generosity, graciousness and fellowship. Thirty days of fasting accompany communal gatherings and a spirit of kindness, with people all over the world coming together and celebrating awe-inspiring festivities. From cheerful feasts to a plethora of charitable contributions, every household is filled with compassion and joy.

Gift-giving plays a massive role in displaying courtesy during the holy month, and it is no surprise that everyone looks forward to creating joyous moments through dazzling presents. Here are six splendid gifts to shower loved ones with affection and goodwill this Ramadan.

A healthy and tasty gift with the IFTAR BOX from NRTC Fresh

Price: AED 100

Available from 12th April at: www.nrtcfresh.com 

Searching for a healthy and nutritious gift? Look no further! NRTC Fresh will be offering a limited-edition Iftar Box which will be available exclusively during the Holy Month. The homegrown fresh fruits and vegetables delivery platform are combining a selection of mouth-watering fruits full of essential minerals and vitamins into this delicious pre-packed box.

For more information, contact: amie@popcomms.ae 

Coffee Cup Bell (2/Set) by Chattels & More and KARE

Price: AED 62

Available at any Chattels & More store in the region or both Chattels & More and KARE online at www.kareuae.ae

From distinctive artisan furniture pieces to exquisite home accessories, the home furnishings space constantly evolves with creative design this Ramadan. This chic 2-piece Coffee Cup set is both a functional and a gorgeous gift. Its gold accent exudes the abundance and love represented by the holy month of Ramadan and is ideal for serving hot beverages during Iftar. 

For more information, contact: sarah@popcomms.ae

A flavorful Ramadan Meal Plan from Kcal

Price: AED 3,310

Looking to gift a finger-licking meal plan during the holy month? Why not try Kcal’s Ramadan Meal Plan by celebrity Chef Hala Ayash from MBC’s Sabah Al Khair Ya Arab and Top Chef Arabia? With chef-crafted meals featuring nutritious Levantine cuisine for a whole month, it’s sure to energize the body and leave the taste buds drooling for more. The Plan offers Suhoor and Iftar meals every day during Ramadan with an average calorie count of 1400-1500 per day.

For more information, contact: elle@popcomms.ae 

A succulent gift from NRTC Fresh’s Gift Corner 

Available at: https://www.nrtcfresh.com/product-category/gift-corner/ 

Nothing catches the eye more than a burst of vibrant colours! NRTC Fresh’s newly launched Gift Corner will be offering a superb range of edible arrangements to feast on this Ramadan. From flower-shaped fruits to fruit towers and customisable hampers, these magnificently decorated structures incorporate a selection of juiciest produce from around the world.

For more information, contact: amie@popcomms.ae 

Vase Elegance Ginkgo from Chattels & More and KARE

Price: AED 1,558

Available at select Chattels & More stores in the region or both Chattels & More and KARE online at www.kareuae.ae

Let home accessories vitalize living spaces this Ramadan. Endeared with golden leaves on a rustic dark green setting, this 95cm tall Vase boasts a homely charm with a modern touch. Its appealing style and rounded outline make it an exemplary gift for Ramadan, sure to adorn surroundings with urban flair.

For more information, contact: sarah@popcomms.ae

A strengthening Iftar Menu from Kcal

Price: AED 69

Available at: www.kcallife.com/menu

Fancy gifting a wholesome meal without complex preparations? Kcal has designed a glorious Iftar menu packed with Middle Eastern tastes and inspired by celebrity chef Hala Ayash. Choose from a Levantine-inspired soup, side and dessert to enjoy with one of Kcal’s limited edition mains; Chicken Molokhia, Beef Ouzi and Vegetarian Couscous. The health-based restaurant provides doorstep delivery for these nourishing meals and even offers a free ‘Super Shot’ (a mighty immune booster) with every order from the website. 

For more information, contact: elle@popcomms.ae 


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