Abu Dhabi Police launch new road alert system to enhance road safety

The Abu Dhabi Police have introduced a new road alert system along the highways in the UAE Capital. These radar-like devices, powered by solar energy and batteries, have been installed to inform drivers about traffic incidents and weather conditions, aiming to enhance road safety. 

The system uses different colors to convey specific messages to drivers. For instance, red and blue flashlights indicate a traffic accident ahead, while yellow warns of adverse weather conditions such as fog, dust, or rain. 

The devices are visible from up to 200 meters during both day and night. The introduction of this smart alert system is part of the Abu Dhabi Police’s ongoing efforts to improve road safety. 

They have previously implemented measures like the Vehicular Attention and Safety Tracker (VAST) to detect seat belt and mobile phone violations, as well as using smart vehicles to assess new drivers during their driving tests. 

Unlike other emirates, Abu Dhabi does not have a speed buffer system, meaning the stipulated speed limit is strictly enforced.

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