AI Literacy’s Power: Fahed Bizzari’s Experience of Empowerment

In a world increasingly influenced by artificial intelligence (AI), Fahed Bizzari is a ray of hope for those wanting to cross the technological frontier. Through his international travels and passion for AI literacy, Fahed has become a major champion for professionals wanting to be equipped with the information and abilities needed to prosper in the AI era.

“It’s not about just adapting to AI; it’s about harnessing its potential to transform our lives,” says Fahed Bizzari, a British expatriate whose career has taken him from the United Kingdom to the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), Sri Lanka and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). His story is one of entrepreneurship, adaptability and a relentless pursuit of knowledge.

Fahed’s adventure into the world of business began immediately after graduating in 2002. He started his first business out of a dream for financial independence, not realising  the massive impact it would have on his life. At the time, the notion of personal freedom, popularized by Tim Ferriss’s “4-Hour Work Week,” had not yet been published. 

Fahed moved to the UAE in 2005 after losing faith that his business would succeed. But a surprising last-minute influx of customers meant that he could stay focused on his business without getting a regular job. His online business grew from there, thereby giving him the ability to live anywhere and control his time on his own terms. During this time, he developed expertise in a wide range of skills that empowered him both as an entrepreneur and trusted advisor. One of those skills was software development, which would later become pivotal in mastering the business application of AI.

Fahed’s recent years have seen him continuously rotate between the UK, the UAE and Sri Lanka, with each destination leaving its own impression on his professional outlook. In fact, his present seven-month stay in Dubai was supposed to be a 10-day stopover on his way from London to Colombo. He had been using his time in Dubai to encourage his local network to take ChatGPT seriously as all reported knowing about it but not actually using it. And after delivering a series of free seminars, he began delivering an intensive 2-day course that evolved into a 4-week mentorship programme called the ChatGPT Accelerator.  His students include staff from CNN, MasterCard, Creative Zone, Dubai One and Al Mal Capital, as well as a decamillionaire investor and an Oscar-nominated film-maker.

Commenting on the challenges of doing business abroad, Fahed points out that expats coming from countries like the UK should be prepared to overcome 2 big challenges. The first is that the overall cost of setting up and maintaining a company abroad is far more than in the UK. The second is the regulatory uncertainty.

“The steps you need to take to set up a business and what’s involved is not as clear here as it is in the UK. But you can solve that by working with formation companies like Creative Zone. I love those guys. As for the extra cost, you just have to ensure your business plan is robust enough to absorb it.”

Fahed’s path and advocacy for AI literacy serve as an example to anyone, illustrating that with the right education, perspective and determination, anyone can traverse the intricacies of the contemporary world, employing technology to improve their lives.

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