Al Ain Zoo announces 2022 Summer Camp with theme ‘Desert Wonders’

Al Ain Zoo has announced its Summer Camp for 2022, kicking off this year on 1st August, under the theme “Desert Wonders”, where young ones get to go on an exciting journey to explore the natural wealth of the Emirati desert.

The Summer Camp, which will run until 12th August, highlights the treasures and wonders of the desert and its legacy, offering participants the chance to learn about the efforts of the founding father, late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan, and his approach to achieving the development of the UAE without compromising or destroying its environment.

The annual summer camp, now in its twelfth year, provides an interactive and exploratory experience, educating participants on forms of the desert, its dunes, its natural characteristics and biodiversity. Desert Wonders will take participants closer to the methodologies and practices adopted by the emirate’s ancestors, who contributed to its conservation and sustained its natural resources.

The camp will include a wide variety of activities, events, competitions and team-building activities that support the camp’s objectives for spreading awareness about the UAE desert and the efforts of Al Ain Zoo in preserving and sustaining its biodiversity through research programmes, environmental projects, the protection of wildlife and the conservation of nature in every way possible.

All activities and events will be supervised by dedicated Zoo personnel that specialise in delivering the designated programmes in a practical and interactive manner that complies with, and supports, the UAE’s educational approach that develops participants’ skills and knowledge.

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