READ: Things to know about WPS for domestic helpers

Definition: It is an electronic salary transfer system that allows employers to pay their domestic workers’ wages through banks, licensed financial institutions, and bureau de change regulated by the UAE Central Bank.

The Wage Protection System (WPS) applies to all domestic worker categories specified in domestic labor legislation, which are as follows: (Domestic workers, sailors, housekeepers, cooks, security guards, private drivers, shepherds, household horse groomers, falcon caretaker, laborers, housekeepers, household farmers, gardeners, private coaches, private tutors, private nurses, private PRO and private agricultural engineers.)

Who should be introduced to this system?

Domestic worker: a natural person who does home activities and services for a living salary while being managed, supervised, and directed by the employer.

Employer: a natural person who hires a domestic worker to conduct home activities and provide services.

What are the requirements for registering in the system?

  • Identity card of the employer
  • ID card of the domestic worker
  • Contracting with one of the agents of the wage protection system approved by the Central Bank

In what period of time can the employer transfer the monthly wage to the domestic worker?

The monthly wage must be paid in UAE Dirhams within a period not exceeding 10 working days after it is due (according to Article 10 of the Domestic Workers Law 2017)

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