Arvin Bastaki: Multilingual singer-songwriter’s incredible rhythm

In 1984, a bright guy named Sayed Mohammad Mahammadnia, also known as Arvin Bastaki, was born in Bastak, Hormozgan, in southern Iran. He was born into a family of artists and art enthusiasts. He had a degree in management and planning.

Aside from being established in an artistic atmosphere, Arvin is proficient in five languages: Arabic, English, Urdu, Persian, and Hindi.

Among all art forms, the music world impacted him the most. This Iranian vocalist began his musical career in local music in 2004. (Bastaki and Bandari). He is primarily regarded as the style master of this southern music.

His singing career gained him a place in the music industry, and many of his songs were first published and popularized in various Gulf countries. He is well-known for his style of music, which can also be played in a variety of languages.

Arvin worked in photography and filmmaking before embarking on his singing career. He also gained a lot of experience in advertising and marketing, which helped him understand more about his skills and capabilities in promoting himself in the vast entertainment sector.

In 2012, he became the producer and host of the show “Khodamia” on Sharjah’s Arabic-language network “Sajaya.” Arvin’s entertainment profession never ends since his daily existence revolves around new people, experiences, and works.

Arvin was able to release many distinct song tracks and cooperate with outstanding Hormozgan musicians and vocalists in Mandegar Songs two with the songs of Gol Bostan and AshuGolam Shebran.

According to him, the world of music is vast, and if you do not update yourself and do not move with the wave, you will inevitably fall behind.

“Every generation needs some form of music.”

One of the most serious issues that artists confront is the high cost of production. Unfortunately, in the years since the Corona Virus ravaged the world, singers and artists have been the most affected,” he remarked.

Music is more than just a form of entertainment

As a music fan, he views the realm of music and singing as sensitive to individual taste. One of the most important factors to consider while making music is the audience’s experiences, inventiveness, and profound understanding.

Music is full of emotions, and it has the power to stimulate and urge people to live their lives to the fullest.

The late Yousef Hadi, a member of the Bahraini Sultaniz Music Group, was his inspiration. Aside from singing, Arvin can also play percussion and guitar. He also enjoys writing tunes and melodies for his albums and singles.

Seyed Mansour, his father, had a significant musical influence on him. This impact keeps the spirit of Bastaki music alive and will continue to spread till the world is aware of it.

Working in the music industry for many years, his enthusiasm for it never waned. It even generates the fire that burns within it. Music is more than a pastime to him; it is an interest.

“I am grateful that music and singing allow me to interact with others and create new acquaintances.” Music is my hobby and source of amusement, and I am happy with what I do.

Dubai Life

Arvin and his family have been in Dubai for three years. Their time in the city provided them with several possibilities to grow as people.

Dubai is already a part of his family’s existence. His father, like his grandpa, has lived in the UAE for 50 years, he claims. Furthermore, his interactions with immigrants of all cultures, races, and nations inspired him to make incredible music.

“My style is influenced by Arab, Turkish, Indian, Baluchi, and other painters.” “I work a lot, and very talented Bahraini arrangements and musicians did my most recent work, and I like working with them,” he said.

“The working group may always come to a better decision,” he noted. Thanks to my beautiful friends and my band, who have always been at my side and supported me.”

Arvin considers Dubai to be one of the finest places in the world, a place where he can fulfill his objectives and be surrounded by his family and wife.

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