Black Calamari – Dining Dubai’s latest craze

Dubai, UAE: There’s a new craze in town and it starts with a B.

Experience the blessings from the sea and be among a growing number of foodies who have joyfully indulged in the new craze called Black Calamari, which goes with other delectable seafood dishes that would certainly cater to everyone’s taste.  

This is as Off The Hook (OTH), catering to the growing trend of concept food,  has officially opened its 9th seafood restaurant in the UAE, this time located at the Persia Court of Ibn Battuta Mall.

A unique seafood restaurant created by seven business partners and headed by Abu Dhabi-based restaurateur, Rolly Brucales, OTH always has something new and unique to offer since opening its first branch three years ago. The brand has grown exponentially across Dubai and Abu Dhabi, thanks to the business acumen of the men and women behind OTH that fostered customer loyalty and secured the tenure of the staff even during the pandemic.

OTH has a lot of stories to share – from how it has defied the test of times, to its plans of expanding in other emirates and beyond. 

So, craving seafood tonight? 


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