Nipendra believed that there are no shortcuts to success. If you are already growing, then help others grow with you. 

Pull-out quote: “I usually don’t care about negative vibes and I am trying to keep myself positive as much as possible. Whenever I fail, I don’t give up. Rather, I push myself to work hard.” 

Nepalese Nipendra Maharjan is currently working as a Senior Quality Control Officer in a coffee roastery. This 29-year-old man started his journey in Nepal when he took the barista training. While working in his home country, he heard to someone that Dubai was conducting many competitions related to coffee. At that time, he was fascinated and passionate about creating latte art.

“One day, I saw a vacancy for baristas for different countries; eventually, I applied. Luckily, I got selected. I had a chance to choose a nation, and I decided to go with United Arab Emirates (UAE) since I have lot of friends here, and I heard many good things about the UAE. Moreover, Dubai was my dream city. 

Better Version

When Nipendra arrived in Dubai, he looked for a platform to help him push further his dreams. And one of the most remarkable people that invited and enabled him to join the throwdown competition in UAE was Kunga Ghale, his mentor and inspiration. 

He started competing in different throwdown contests and was even elevated to the national competition from that very moment. 

“I started my career as a junior barista here in UAE, and I pushed myself to become better,” he shared with Dubai Vibes Magazine. 

Nipendra’s confidence gave him the courage to develop every day. This self-assurance provided him a promotion in his company. He started as a junior, eventually transferred as senior to head trainer, and now brewing as the Senior Quality Control at Emirati Coffee Co. 

As a quality control in a coffee roaster, his main job is to look after the quality of the coffee and the service they provide to their customers. He also offers quality training regarding coffee and creates solutions to the shop’s problems. 

Of all the achievements and fame, he gained in Dubai, Nipendra still faces adversity. According to him, living away from your home country is always heartbreaking. 

He said, “I’m working hard here in Dubai to make my family’s lives better.” 

He also added that he misses his country a lot. If he is given a chance in the future, he plans to share his experience and knowledge with his compatriots to uplift the coffee community of Nepal. And this plan already started when he created a latte art pattern of his national flag. 

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