Emirati magician Moein Al Bastaki shows how charity and magic becomes an act of passion

“When I am out and somebody notices me and requests me to perform magic, I always fulfill. I love bringing joy to people through my magic,” Moein said.

Pull out quote: “Stay Positive and believe that magic is in the air.”

A man that believes that magic is real creates his own destiny in the world of fantasy and dreams. Moein Al Bastaki a 40-year-old Emirati is a magician, illusionist, and mentalist. He is also working as the Chief Executive Officer of MOEIN Al Bastaki co.

His passion in magic created a lot of opportunities for him to perform for royal gatherings and special events. Although he did his Masters in Business, still, he loves working as a performer and an architect of his own journey.

Aside from being a magician in the stage, Moein also wants to share joy and excitement through his charitable programs related to people with special needs and cancer victims.

An Arab Magician

The art of magic was introduced to Moein when he was six. According to him, his grandfather showed him his first magic and that was the start if his journey and love of fantasy.

“I struggled with the conservative culture in the Arab world. I had internal battles of telling people about my art because some people may look at magic as taboo art,” he said.

At first, Moein doubted to show his identity in media and introduce himself to the public, but one of his friends pushed him to have confidence and see the world in its magic. Surprisingly, the society enjoyed his art.

“When I started performing in media I was in doubt of people’s reaction, horrified but I realized I got more support than people who were against me. Years later, I am still being appreciated for my art and the entertainment and I bring to people’s lives when performing,” Moein shared.

What keeps him going?

“With Magic, I make sure to perform illusions that move people emotions in different ways; Joy, fear, excitement and anxiousness and leave them an experience that they could talk about for years to come and got them to have a memory for the best,” Moein said when asked on what he enjoyed about his current career.

According to him, when he gets a chance of being in any event that can help individuals like charity related like people of special needs and cancer related, he will not hesitate to take chance and perform his best magic for audience.

He added that keeping the mystery alive adds joy and excitement to people’s lives and that is the secret for a successful career.

Moreover, in the near future, he aspires to be one of the most renowned names in the history of magic world.

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