A nice, homey cafe or lounge may be what you are looking for. Something that meets your standards in terms of ambiance, cuisine, service, and location. It is preferable to visit the Daily Dose Lounge, which is located in Jumeirah 1, just a few feet away from Mercato Mall.

This café is a little out of the way from Dubai’s normal commercial district. It is in an area where you may unwind after work or in your spare time. When you arrive at the establishment, you will see that you are entering a house-like café with an outside design that includes a greeny garden with flowers blooming and other types of plants all over the place.

As you go through the front entrance, you will be greeted with a grin by their excellent crew. And, certainly, they continue to prioritize the safety of their customers by adhering to health guidelines. It’s wonderful to observe teams of all countries, including their barista, in-house chef, and waiters.

Their table and chairs are fantastic because of the comfort they provide to your body. Furthermore, the shop’s color scheme and simple design may soothe your eyes and mind. During the day, the natural light from outdoors provides a picture-perfect photo for both meals and selfies.

And, of course, the nicest thing about this place is the cuisine. It is more than just a café that serves coffee and bread. They also have cuisine variations ranging from appetizers to desserts. The price is reasonable because it is somewhat luxury but affordable. It is worth eating since everything on the menu is created in-house by a chef.

This location is ideal at any time of day, although most people come here for breakfast and brunch. It’s worth sipping any of their beverages to get a real flavor of the greatest coffee in town. If you enjoy lattes, this is one of the greatest places to taste their latte special. Hot and cold drinks are also available, as well as the tastiest milkshakes and teas.

They also have their latest Weekdays Offer from Monday to Thursday, that when you buy a French Toast you can get a two free flavored latte bottles for just AED 45.

If you need to find calm for a while and have been bombareded by usual coffee shops, here is the place to go. It’s time to discover a fresh and calm area to unwind and socialize with your pals. The well-lit room is also ideal for business meetings, dates, and special occasion celebrations.

The Daily Dose Lounge can be found at 170 Villa Jumeirah 1. (opposite of Mercato Mall). It is open daily from 8:00 a.m. until 12:00 a.m. They serve an all-day breakfast as well as the meals you crave.

If you have anything to celebrate or want to book a reservation, you may visit their Instagram account @dailydoseuae.