Danish by blood, Emirati by heart

When a Danish girl was born in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, the desert was considerably denser than the buildings. Hanan Karim, a lovely woman, believed Dubai to be one of her lucky destinations.

Her drive drives her to strive for more outstanding accomplishments in life. At times, her future picture may be apparent, but nothing is impossible for her because of her hunger and desire for dreams.

She was just five years old when her family relocated to Denmark. She characterized the location as a lovely, charming country in Scandinavia. She was reared, educated, and worked there.

“I chose to return to Dubai, which was no longer the desert I had left behind.”

“The improvements in this city are incredible, and the city continues to astound,” she remarked.

She continued her career in Dubai, forging her path with her abilities and aptitude in sales and marketing. In the middle of Dubai’s competitive market, Hanan managed to be a person of strength and enthusiasm for raising company standards via her voice.

According to her, she has considerable marketing training and understanding, and she ensures that her tactics are successful and practical. Her marketing competence is dealing with diverse ethnicities and being adaptable to various alternatives.

“I have been able to optimize exposure and establish a successful marketing plan that has put Wakame back on the map,” she explained. We discuss ideas as a team to provide residents, expats, and visitors fresh reasons to return.”

Her ventures

Hanan studied tourism management in Copenhagen and has worked in sales and marketing in the travel and hotel industries for many years. Her experiences genuinely positively influence the companies who hire her as a marketing consultant.

Since Hanan has a lot of experience in the Food and Beverage sector, Dubai Vibes Magazine asked her about her contribution to this field. She responded that as an imaginative person, she always thinks transcendentally and makes sure that the concept is generally distinctive and attractive.

“It is vital for me to be able to work in a structured but creative environment and enjoy combining my strategic abilities with a Think Outside the Box approach. I like examining results and seeding new ideas,” she continued.

“The more I study, the more I realize there is to learn.”

She is always fond of the life lesson she learned that one should never sleep in an atmosphere that never sleeps—educating oneself in all types of technology, trends, and platforms to help organizations reach their maximum potential.

The Life in Dubai

She was born in Dubai but lived in Denmark for 27 years before returning to Dubai permanently. Her affection for Dubai would never wane because it was her first home.

“My family is Emirati and has lived in Dubai for centuries, so I considered it my home. I lived in Denmark for a long time, and for a brief time, I lived in Barcelona, Spain, ” she said.

Her enthusiasm and affection for the city centered around expats from various corners. She stated that individuals of many ethnicities might coexist peacefully and harmoniously in Dubai. She claims to have visited several locations, but Dubai is her favorite.

“I believe most people can live well in Dubai, although inflation is rising,” Hanan remarked.

Finally, she reminds readers that they need to set an excellent example to be successful. It is a matter of learning to gain greater heights.

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