‘Dubai beats other destinations in reviving tourism’

By Amanda Hensley

Dubai, UAE: Owing to strict Covid-19 safety measures, Dubai has beaten other tourism destinations across the globe, most of which are still in lockdowns due to the pandemic.

“Since Dubai has been taking safety measures, it is now becoming a preferred destination by people in the region; and since Europe is still closed, most Europeans prefer to visit this city,”Ahmad Moussa, Armani Hotel Dubai sales manager for the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), told Dubai Vibes Magazine.

Boosting hotel occupancies, Moussa said, is the recent revitalization of ties between UAE and Israel as well as the re-opening of Saudi Arabia, where, he said, residents were planning to see Dubai, “their favorite destination.”

“We will be accepting only vaccinated people to ensure safety,” Moussa said.

Armani Hotel Dubai falls under the Emaar Group, which also operates seven The Address Dubai hotels and five Vida Hotels. Armani Hotel has a branch in Milan, Italy – the Armani Hotel Milano.


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