Dubai doctors innovate to restore vision in one-year-old with genetic eye disorder

The parents of a one-year-old toddler, who faced the challenge of a congenital eye condition, are breathing a sigh of relief as doctors in Dubai successfully intervened early to safeguard their child’s vision.

Arthur (name changed), aged one, was diagnosed with Blepharophimosis syndrome, also known as Ptosis, a genetic disorder resulting in a narrow eye opening and droopy eyelids, potentially obstructing vision. Arthur’s parents, in their mid-30s and originally from France, sought specialized care in Dubai to address the significant separation between Arthur’s eye and an abnormal lower eyelid skin folding.

Dr. Ania Buigues Llull, consultant ophthalmologist at Barraquer Eye Hospital, spearheaded Arthur’s case, emphasizing the critical importance of early intervention in such conditions. Dr. Llull explained the potential implications of untreated droopy eyelids on a child’s visual development, underscoring the necessity of corrective measures in the early years of life.

The chosen surgical approach, the frontal flap technique, was selected for its reduced complication rates and favorable outcomes. Weeks after the procedure, Arthur’s parents expressed profound gratitude, stating their child is now healthy with no complications, and they are astounded by the remarkable improvement in their child’s vision.

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