First-time ticket buyers strike gold in Dubai Duty Free draw

In an exciting turn of events at the Dubai International Airport on Wednesday, two first-time ticket buyers found themselves catapulted into the millionaire’s club. The latest Dubai Duty Free Millennium Millionaire and Finest Surprise draw unveiled Rupa Harish Dhawan, a 49-year-old Indian homemaker, and Nana Kakihara, a 30-year-old Japanese chemical company employee, as the newest millionaires.

Rupa, who was returning to Mumbai from Dubai after celebrating her 25th wedding anniversary, won $1 million with ticket number 2869, bought on January 28. “It was a big thing for me, I never had luck or won such kind. I can’t believe that with my first ever ticket to Dubai Duty Free my life will change. I will forever thank Dubai Duty Free for this,” she expressed.

Nana Kakihara, who purchased her winning ticket on her way to a honeymoon in the Maldives, echoed the sentiment of disbelief and gratitude. Winning with ticket number 4429, she plans to buy a new car and travel the world with her family.

The draw also announced winners of three luxury cars and two motorbikes. Among the winners were Hameed Abdulla Yousuf, a 78-year-old Bahraini who won a BMW X6 M60i xDrive, and Michael Konrad Steinhoefel, a Swiss bank risk manager, who took home a Mercedes Benz S500. Other winners included Rashmi R., Seamus Louis, and Neena Joseph, who won luxury vehicles and motorbikes.

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