DUBAI EXPAT STORIES. ‘It’s family more than anything else’

Amir Rafiq, epitomizes the strong family ties that Asians are known for. He obtained his Master’s Degree in Computer Engineering from the US and has established a business there but decided he’s move back to Dubai.

He explains: ‘I went back to Dubai because my parents’ applications for visas for in the USA were rejected. Everyone in my family is here in UAE, so I had to wrap up my business in the USA and return to UAE.”

The Rafiqs were from Pakistan.

Amir is now engaged in his passion for emerging technologies in the IT field.

In all, he says, he has been in Dubai for some 30 years all together, including time spent during his school days.

“Dubai is my first city away from home. But I have worked in Dallas, Texas. Yes, Dubai is expensive, but I get by fine. It’s not that expensive as New York or California or Vegas,” says Amir.

Amir runs two businesses in Dubai. “I have a staff to handle most of my daily operations. I basically just oversee the money flow,” he says.

Amir says he is always mesmerized by the New Dubai. “The structures are intriguing,” he says, referring to the architecture of the skyscrapers in that part of the city, aptly called the “Manhattan of Dubai.”


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