DUBAI EXPAT STORIES. ‘No nonsense’ fight – Danny Hendrikus

By Jojo Dass

Dubai is where people from all over the world gravitate to, working “smart and focused.”

“I have been visiting this city since 2009. I have seen it growing more and more. There is no place in the world like this. The no nonsense mentality to create whatever the dream is. It motivates me,” 42-year-old Danny Hendrikus, born and raised in the Netherlands, tells Dubai Vibes Magazine.

Dubai, he says, “belongs to the few places in the world where it all happens.”

“If you make it here, you can make it everywhere. The people here are all smart and focused. They come here for a reason. Everyone here came with a purpose. And that is what you feel when doing business here. 

“The money question is normal to ask. How much will it cost? Here, I learned this is very useful. Instead of talking too much about the bees and birds, it’s about, ‘Can we work… yes or no?’ I like that direct approach,” Danny, who’s been staying in the city full time in the past five years, added. 

And it pretty much fits into the equation.

Danny, who has ventured into running his own business, a networking application called “Socios Member Club” connecting individuals willing to invest time and money and get rewarded, already got it tailor-made for him the moment he learned to understand numbers when he was a kid.

“From the day I could calculate, I always knew I was going to do my own business one day,” said Danny, who graduated at the Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia when he was 21.

Danny learned to speak many languages as he was growing up in the Netherlands, which made it easy for him to blend in Dubai’s international set-up. “I know the European way of business and here (in Dubai) with Russians, Asian, Arabs, Americans and so on, you just keep absorbing this positive energy,” he says.  

Danny wastes no time going for it whenever he sees an opportunity, he says, but indicating, at the same time, that the ride has not been less bumpy at all. At the moment, his heart beats with Socios.

“Taking the risks yes: winning and losing. But every year making sure you grow. Financially and or personally. I also know how it is to lose. Business that you worked on for years with heart and soul and then all changes. But, I think that’s all part of the journey. Right now is my time with Socios. I know it is going to succeed. I believe in it and it’s  my job to serve the public with it,” he says. 

Danny had been a boxer in the ring, too – something that has taught him vital lessons he now hangs on to as a businessman long after the bell has stopped ringing the final round.

“I am a fighter. Literally I am. I have done 18 professional fights in the ring. For me this is also a lifestyle. When you are inside the ring, it’s up to you. Did you do your homework?  Are you prepared? It’s glory when you win, but what if you lose?” says Danny.

He shared how he once went through a Thai boxing match in Australia with an opponent.

“After he fell,” Danny says, “I went to the corner and got my last minute of rest before we fought the last round. I was super tired. My ears were stuffed, body bruised and it was mentally tough. 

“My coach passed me the water and told me the words that I will never forget. He said: ‘Dig Deep and show who is boss.’ I got the energy back and fought the last round. That quote, I like to carry. Hard times are fine, they are all part of the journey. Just continue and don’t give up.”

And so, Danny, the boxer, is just not about to throw in the towel; he won’t. 

“I love my freedom. Work from wherever I am, with whoever I want. I am trying to have a good lifestyle. Focus on work, meeting people and training a lot. Right now, my fun part of the business starts. 

“The last two years, I was working behind the scenes. I am not a technical IT guy. I have people for that. As since recently the app’s first release was ready, now I can promote it and talk about it, making deals to benefit the members. I hope I can make a lot of people happy. That’s the real bonus,” he says. 

Socios, which means partners in Spanish, aims to link investors, influencers, entrepreneurs, and professionals who want to become millionaires, live a luxurious life, and make money while enjoying the company of like-minded people.  

“We are all addicted to our phones. We scroll through our phone at every single moment we have. I thought that what if I could bring an app to the phone that actually makes us money? An app we consider as working. This, every single moment of looking at your phone could actually be of some value. 

“We developed Socios for the eager men and women of today who are focused on leveling up. Those who would build and grow their network wherever they are, whenever they want to. An online club for the money makers, for the hunters out there looking for opportunities. Whether you’re seeking an investor to fund your business plan or looking for influencers to promote your brand, Socios will connect you with other members based on your interest. That way, you can build viable relationships that make money,” Danny says. 

A combination of Instagram, Linkedin, and Signal Messenger, Socios is globally present, allowing members to connect instantly. Just download the app, create your profile, explain what you are looking for, and get connected.  


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