DUBAI EXPAT STORIES. Ramla Shahid: Enjoying her work-life balance

Born in London, Ramla Shahid, works at a public relations company “that looks into providing the best possible work-life balance,” she says.

“They have recently introduced the 4.5-day week that aims to give us more time to spend with family and to focus on wellbeing, which I love,” Ramla tells Dubai Vibes Magazine.

Having been in Dubai for just the past three years, Ramla grew up and went to school in Abu Dhabi.

“I was previously living and studying in London and worked at Harrods London – a luxury retail store – as a project consultant,” she shares.

“I grew up and went to school in Abu Dhabi and then moved to London for university and studied my bachelor’s in Marketing & Advertising with Media,” Ramla said.

“I then carried on doing my masters in Luxury Brand Management and also an MBA. I moved back to Abu Dhabi to where my family was settled and started working. After that I moved to Dubai and started to peruse my career in PR,” she added.

Growing up in Abu Dhabi, Ramla is awestruck with Dubai’s diversity of cultures – more like the whole world in one expat city!

“The city’s diversity is unmatched. I have friends and colleagues from various countries and I keep learning about new cultures and traditions,” Ramla says.

“It is analogous to when you visit a new country as a tourist and learn about its culture and people, which you learn in Dubai as you live by – and it is just fascinating!

“All this is a result of a visionary Leadership, which has enabled an exceptional environment of tolerance for all nationalities, cultures and religions,” she said.

Dubai, Ramla further said, is a unique city in the sense that it has a lifestyle for people from every walks of life.

“If you want luxury and extravagance, you can find it here, as well as you can find budget restaurants and shopping in abundance. The best way to put it is that Dubai can be as expensive or affordable as you want it to be, and that’s what makes it such an attractive destination globally,” she said. 

The people and their kindness as well as a sense of belonging keep Ramla going, she said, as she moves forward to explore more and continuing to learn, which is what her life philosophy is all about, she said.


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