DUBAI EXPAT STORIES. Working mum says it’s tough but full of love

“It’s really tough managing everything at once,” says Omnia Abdelhalim, co-founder and in charge of marketing and communications at Koala Picks, a kids’ healthy food company.

“Spending enough time with the kids, getting them ready for school, keeping them entertained and then also getting work done,” Omnia added.

And that’s just a part of it, she says.

“It’s usually much more hectic when we’re launching new products or during busy seasons like back to school and Christmas. But we’re really lucky to have each other’s support,” Omnia, who’s from Egypt, said.

Three years ago, Omnia and two friends, Aya Assaf and Ahmed Mobasher , both Egyptian nationals, too, launched Koala Picks,  which promotes healthy lifestyle habits for families. Their products range from healthy sweet and savory snacks, which can be purchased in single boxes or as part of a subscription service, and delicious breakfast and baking items which can be purchased on their own. 

All Koala Picks recipes were made from scratch in-house by the talented team in their licensed kitchen, with all items approved by a certified nutritionist.  

“We love how excited our customers get about our snacks. We’re always receiving such cute photos of kids and families enjoying our snacks, making our breakfasts at home and getting super creative – it makes us really happy to see. We also love launching new, innovative products – we’re always looking for inspiration from our own kids,” says Omnia.

Her kids keep her extra busy but Omnia doesn’t mind.

“Our kids and our customers who have become such loyal friends and a big part of the Koala Picks family are what keep us going. Our kids are always asking for snacks they can munch on all day, and we always get our innovations from their crazy ideas.

“We spend a lot of time with our families. We love spending the day out by the pool, planning fun crafts at home to keep the kids entertained, and visit our relatives who also live in Dubai,” she says.

Omnia arrived in Dubai four years ago. “At first,” she said, “Dubai was a bit intimidating; lots going on and so many different people and cultures to meet!”

“Once we’ve settled in and found our way, we found Dubai to be a great city to live in.”


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