DUBAI EXPAT STORIES. Meet Ziad and Payam – business partners making things work

“It’s a very diverse city, kind of like New York,” Ziad Tariq says, referring to Dubai. “I’ve seen Dubai when it was just a desert. So, it’s amazing to see the city develop through the years.”

Payam Honari shares Ziad’s thoughts about this international city that never sleeps. “I was able to see Dubai as a desert and I saw it thrive into the city it is today. Business in Dubai in particular is easier than in other countries as the government makes rules and regulations favorable to a company’s success,” Payam says.

Aside from their views about Dubai, Ziad and Payam have another thing in common: both are business savvy.

To this end, the two launched Adasat, which means “contact lenses” in Arabic,  two years ago in September 2019. Adasat is an e-commerce platform offering premium and high-quality eyewear in the UAE.  

Ziad is an ambitious entrepreneur with a strong work ethic. Having multiple businesses in different fields such as real estate, marketing and e-commerce, he graduated from American University Dubai in 2008 with a degree in marketing and business administration. 

As a young boy, he helped his father’s optical business after class every day where he learned the ins and outs of the field. Shortly after graduating, he started working in a Dubai bank to sharpen his finance and customer service skills while simultaneously helping with his father’s optical business. 

He then later co-founded in 2011 until 2014 selling designer clothing brands and was the marketing manager for the company. In 2015, he opened an optical store called Optoline Optics, which still stands today, selling eyewear and performing RTA eye tests and in 2019, he co-founded with Payam.

“I love making customers happy – to receive comments from them saying that we helped them with what they were looking for and that they were very satisfied with our company just brightens my day,” Ziad says.

“Good things are worth waiting for. The world is an open market place –  there’s a job for everyone out there. You just have to go and find it. Choose a job that you love, something that allows you to innovate and think every day yet also something that keeps you happy,” says Ziad.

Payam, for his part, says it’s all about team work.  “We are like a family. We are very comfortable with each other but of course we have boundaries to make sure that work comes first. When you enjoy your job and have fun with your colleagues, you actually move forward faster and accomplish goals quicker,” he says.

“Everyone has a lot of ups and more downs. I have gone through a lot,” Payam added.

Payam is a passionate businessman. He has vast experience in retail and real estate in the Gulf. 

Like Ziad, Payam also learned the value and principles of earning money from his father when he was a small kid. The most important thing that he remembered was the one his father used to say – “No matter what business you`re in, always make sure to keep your priorities focused on people”. 

Payam majored in Business Administration at Emirates Aviation College in 2004 to 2007. In 2010, he worked in Honari Trading in the business development department until 2013 dealing in Honari Rice which is sold in all supermarkets today. In 2013, he started a mixed martial arts gym called Positive Fitness and in 2019, he co-founded the

Even though he is currently involved in several other businesses, Payam never stopped pursuing self-development. He is continuing his education in Business Administration doing Master’s Degree in Anglia Ruskin University, UK. 

Payam believes that we should always seek to expand our boundaries whether it is in business or in life. 

“Do good things for the sake of it and not in search of something in return.

 Don’t complain, you won’t get anywhere that way. You have to work hard to reach your goal. We all make mistakes, that’s normal. But make sure to stand up to what you did wrong and learn from it,” he says.


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