Dubai ranks in top 10 on Global list of affordable public transport

Dubai has been ranked among the top 10 most affordable cities for public transport in the world, according to a recent study by e-commerce site Picodi. The study compared the cost of single tickets and monthly passes offered by public transport operators in March 2023, while average net wages were taken from a cost-of-living database provided by Numbeo. Dubai was ranked ninth on the global list, with a AED350 ($95) monthly pass that covers travel by bus, Metro, monorail, tram, and ferry. Other affordable cities included Berlin, Warsaw, and Singapore.

However, cities such as Sao Paulo, Istanbul, and London were among the most expensive for public transport when compared with the average monthly wage. A monthly travel passes in Sao Paulo, for instance, costs $65, or 14.3% of a monthly wage. Meanwhile, London had one of the highest prices for a single travel ticket at $5.19, and a month-long pass costing $271, or 7.4% of the average net wage.

Dubai’s recognition as one of the most affordable cities for public transport highlights its commitment to providing sustainable and efficient transportation solutions to its residents and visitors. The city’s Dh350 ($95) monthly pass is around 2.3% of the average net wage, similar to that of New York (2.1%) and Rome (2.2%).

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