Dubai’s Hatta announces its 5.4-km cable car along with its eco-tourism marvels

The Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (Dewa) is showcasing two major tourist attractions alongside its Hydroelectric Power Plant in Hatta: the Hatta Sustainable Waterfalls project and a 5.4-kilometer long cable car to Um Al-Nesoor summit. 

The waterfalls project, designed with a hexagonal beehive shape, pays homage to the UAE’s founding fathers and incorporates sustainable practices, including recycling water for the hydro power plant. 

The cable car route offers breathtaking views of Hatta Dam Lake and Um Al-Nesoor, the highest natural summit in Dubai. 

The Hydroelectric Power Plant is expected to be operational within a year, contributing 250 megawatts to Dubai’s clean energy goals. The projects aim to promote sustainability, eco-tourism, and local economic growth in the Hatta region.

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