FACTS: What is the story behind the UAE flag?

The flag is considered the first symbol of a country in every country. It represents hope, independence, sovereignty, and nationalism. Every flag represents a nation’s face. It is linked to the national anthem, which represents loyalty, and every citizen and resident must pay full respect to these two national symbols.

In honor of UAE Flag Day, it is critical to understand the meaning of the flag and what it represents. The UAE flag represents peace, happiness, and security, as seen in all national, religious, official, and public events related to politics, economics, social issues, and sports.

Every citizen and expatriate living in the UAE shares the same vision of hope. Children are taught from an early age to respect the flag that represents their future as the hope of their country.

Mr. Abdulla Mohammed Al Ma’enah created the flag after seeing an advertisement for a competition to design the UAE flag sponsored by Al Diwan Al Amiri Abu Dhabi.

The competition was announced two months before the formation of the UAE in the Abu Dhabi newspaper Al Ittihad.

The designer was inspired by verses from the poet Safi-u-ddin Al Hali’s poem that described our actions as white, plains as green, battles as dark, and swords as red.

According to protocol dubai, here are some technical details of the flag itself: 
  • Shape is rectangular.
  • Length is twice the width.
  • The flag consists of four colors – red, green, white, and black.
  • Each color covers a rectangular shape and together forms a figure similar to the letter ‘E.’ The vertical part of the ‘E’ is red, the top horizontal is green, the middle horizontal is white, and the bottom horizontal is black.
  • First use of the flag: 2nd December 1971.
  • First to hoist the Flag: The late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan.
  • Occasion for hoisting the Flag: Declaration of the UAE Federation.
  • Flag Designer: Mr. Abdulla Mohammed Al Ma’enah, State Minister to the UAE Foreign Ministry.

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