Fintech gurus have the cure for rejected medical claims

Dubai Vibes News Team

Dubai, UAE: A group of like minded individuals have come up with a way that would hopefully address, once and for all, recurring problems in the medical industry about unpaid or delayed insurance claims.

Karim Dakki, CEO and founder of KLAIM, a UAE-based fintech platform, recently sat down with Dubai Vibes Magazine and gave a picture of just how bad the situation is in terms of claims gathering dust.

“Hospitals, clinics and pharmacies are bleeding cash every minute as a result of rejected medical claims,” Dakki said.

He said insurance companies usually have “99 reasons” to turn down an insurance claim ranging from insufficient documentations to prescription issues.

“KLAIM will stop the outflow by minimizing revenue loss of healthcare providers  and enabling them to manage the cash flow more efficiently,” Dakki said.

KLAIM, he explained is a smart software service platform currently with more than 2.3 million  visitor claims “We have a technology that used artificial intelligence that detects errors and speed up the date entry,” Dakki said.

According to recent reports, KLAIM has raised $1 million in seed investment from TechStars and a group of strategic regional investors. Joined by Ghafoor Ahmad and Meriem Tamarzizt, the founders plan to expand presence and operations in the UAE and Saudi Arabia in the coming months.

KLAIM is a software as a service (SaaS) fintech platform aimed at improving the quality of the medical care especially in these times of the coronavirus pandemic.


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