Firetti Contemporary and MORROW Collective Present NFT | IRL

Dubai, UAE: Firetti Contemporary and MORROW collective announce NFT | IRL, a forthcoming group exhibition where NFT (non-fungible token) artworks and their physical counterparts will be exhibited side by side. This is the first of its kind exhibition in the region. The revolutionary event merges both digital and physical worlds aiming to build bridges between crypto art and traditional or IRL (in real life) art. 

MORROW collective is the leading NFT partner for galleries and are NFT curators. With MORROW, Firetti Contemporary has produced a series of NFTs from a selection of their artists, which are hosted in the MORROW gallery in the virtual reality platform called Cryptovoxels.  

Firetti Contemporary strives to build a multidisciplinary art space with a strong identity to an international platform by representing both established and emerging artists from all over the world. Bringing together like-minded individuals and pioneers of the artistic and expressive future, the gallery assembles a dynamic curation of works that encourage the importance of individuality as well as establishing collective alignment.  

NFT | IRL forms a response to the rapidly changing landscape of art and creativity. By closing the gap between the two worlds, Firetti and MORROW are aiming to make NFTs more accessible to those in the real-life sphere. The exhibition will consist of digital NFTs, displayed on screens next to the physical works. Audience members will also have access to augmented reality and VR, through innovative tech platforms installed in the exhibition.  

Mara Firetti, Founder and CEO of Firetti Contemporary, says: “The emphasis of this exhibition is to shine a light on the technological developments within our field, whilst at the same time hosting a high quality, curated and impactful exhibition. NFTs are already changing the way that art is bought and sold and, as we move towards the future, where this will be increasingly mainstream, it is important to embrace these changes”.  

In line with Firetti and MORROW’s combined sustainability ethos and values, the exhibition will operate at net zero carbon, with all emissions offset through the website: The exhibition has sparked the interest of CNN and additional regional and international news agencies.  

The participating artists include Ahmed Emad, Kadara Enyeasi, Irvin Pascal, Josh Rowell, Helidon Xhixha and Fatiha Zemmouri. 

NFT | IRL marks the beginning of these artists’ journey into crypto art. Their works bring forth themes ranging from war and conflict to freedom and social change. Their styles range from abstract to figurative and ensure substance and narrative, bringing compelling stories from around the world into one space. Art is not only about beautiful aesthetics; art can also change lives offering new perspectives for each and every viewer.  

Opening of the exhibition to the public will be available from the 10th of August starting 19:00 onwards. 


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