According to Dubai authorities, riding e-scooters or bicyles without the RTA approval, either for group training or individual training, is strictly prohibited. 

The rules are governed by the Executive Council Resolution No (13) of 2022 issued by His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Crown Prince of Dubai. The meeting also specified 21 major violations that can lead into fines up to AED 300 and confiscation of materials. 

Full list of 21 violations are as follows: 

  1. Failure to cycle or use your (the) bike in RTA’s designated cycling paths. AED200
  2. Cycling or using an electric bike on a road where the speed limit sign is more than 60 km/hour. AED300
  3. Cycling in a reckless way that may endanger the life of the cyclist or others. AED300
  4. Riding or leaving the bicycle on paths designated for walking or jogging. AED200
  5. Using an electric scooter or any other type of bike specified by RTA without receiving a driving licence. AED200
  6. Pillion riding (rider) on an unfitted bicycle or electric bike, or in case the cyclist and pillion rider doesn’t wear a jacket and helmet. AED200
  7. Failure to respect RTA’s specified speed limits on cycling paths. AED100
  8. Pillion riding (rider) on electric scooter. AED300
  9. Cycling without adhering to safety and security requirements specified in this resolution and its bylaws. AED200
  10. Failure to meeting the technical requirements for bikes stipulated in this resolution and the decisions issued pursuant to it. AED300
  11. Parking the bike in non-designated areas, or in a way that may interrupt traffic or pedestrian movement, or in a dangerous way for road users. AED200
  12. Non-compliance with the instructions on the directional signs specified on the road and tracks. AED200
  13. Solo cycling of kids below 12 years without adult supervision (older than 18 years). AED200
  14. Not dismounting from the bike while crossing on pedestrian crossings. AED200
  15. Failure to notify RTA, Police or Ambulance Services, without a valid reason, about incidents the cyclist caused or was a victim of, and resulted in injuries or material damages. AED300
  16. Using the left side of the road while cycling or using the electric bike, and changing lane without ensuring its free. AED200
  17. Cycling opposite to the direction of the traffic. AED200
  18. Parking or driving a vehicle on cycle paths or attempting to disable the use of the cycle path. AED300
  19. Towing the bike with a vehicle, or towing things with the bike. AED300
  20. Failure to obtain group training license from RTA before training. AED200 per person
  21. Training individually. AED100 per person