Mosarof’s steady progress: from cleaner to lifeguard

Mosarof Hossain arrived in Dubai from Bangladesh on May 7, 2012 and was soon working as a cleaner. “The moment you get here,” he says, “you waste no time looking for work.”

“You can’t be choosy; just get whatever comes your way,” Mosarof, who now is lifeguard at a five-star hotel, added.

“I started out with a cleaning company, then became a spa attendant, a lifeguard and a guest relations staff. Next time, I’ll be the supervisor,” he said, beaming with confidence.

Mosarof says he loves his job in the hospitality sector. “I enjoy meeting different people and making new friends every day,” he says.

Which is why, they say, Mosarof is always seen with a smile on his face.

Another reason for that infectious smile is Dubai itself, he says.  “I enjoy living here in Dubai. The rules and regulations are good. The government is also very kind to expats,” Mosarof said.


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