Museum of the Future is celebrating World Environment Day by promoting sustainability

As the world celebrates World Environment Day, the Museum of the Future advocates for a more sustainable future for everybody and encourages visitors to make tiny adjustments to help protect the planet and its biodiversity.

The United Nations (UN) World Environment Day is observed yearly on June 5th to emphasize the significance of environmental protection. The Museum of the Future is spotlighting daily improvements individuals can do to safeguard the world and conserve its natural resources as part of the day of reflection, such as using less water and taking public transportation.

Majed Al Mansoori, Deputy Executive Director at the Museum of the Future, stated on the occasion, “We fully support what World Environment Day stands for and are taking our own steps to contribute to environmental protection, such as using plastic-free packaging and reusable shopping bags, and providing water dispensers to reduce the use of plastic bottles.”

“In keeping with the UAE’s leadership’s directions to encourage sustainable growth, we prioritize environmental preservation and sustainability. At the Museum of the Future, we employ technology to help build the future and establish strategies to address the planet’s present and future concerns,” he said.

In addition to offering charging stations while visiting the museum, the number of parking spaces is also limited to promote the use of the autonomous Dubai Metro, which is linked directly to the museum via the Metro Link Bridge.

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