Nominate- Dubai Vibes Eminent Awards 2022

Dubai Vibes Magazine will celebrate its first anniversary; this coming May 8, 2022, and part of the celebration is an awards night called Eminent Awards. The event revels it by distinguishing different businesses and personalities in Dubai that make waves in the Emirate for the Year 2021 up to the first quarter of 2022.

The event also supports the sustainability program of the emirates by recognizing the efforts of locals and expats in maintaining and developing Dubai’s economy, environment, and innovation, bringing together the perfect partnership, network, and systems between the locals and expats. 

Eminent Awards is divided into two significant recognitions: Eminent Business Award and Eminent Personality Award. 

Under the Eminent Business Award:

  1. Eminent Dining Restaurant of the Year (Upscale, Casual, Local, Sweet Treats, Fast Food, Cafe)
  2. Eminent Hotel of the Year
  3. Eminent Spa and Parlor of the Year
  4. Eminent Travel and Tourism Agency of the Year
  5. Eminent School of the Year

Under the Eminent Personality Award (Magazine choice award): 

  1. Eminent Fashion Designer of the Year
  2. Eminent Businessman of the Year (Fragrance and Scent Owner)
  3. Eminent Executive Director of the Year
  4. Eminent Hotel General Managers of the Year
  5. Eminent Managing Director of the Year
  6. Eminent International Sales Director of the Year
  7. Eminent International TV personality of the Year
  8. Eminent Businessman of the Year (Travel and Tours)

Are you ready to cast out your nomination? Nominate now your favourite restaurant, hotel, spa, parlour, travel agency, and school in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 

 You’ve got until Sunday, March 21 to nominate. It’s all down to you. All shortlisted nominees will be released on March 22, 2022. 

 For a nomination form, click

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