Petrol Price in UAE increase up to AED3- mark per liter

Due to Ukraine-Russia conflict, the UAE increases oils prices by maximum of 11 percent for the month of March 2022 as compared to February this year. 

The fuel prices increases by 30 fils per litre compared to February. 

It is the first time in the history of UAE that all prices of fuel exceeded AED3 and it also include a tax of five percent. 

The price of a litre of Super 98 petrol in March has increased to AED 3.23 from AED 2.94 in February 2022, while the cost of a litre of Special 95 petrol has increased to AED 3.12 from AED 2.82 in February 2022.


The price of E-Plus 91 has increased to AED 3.05 per litre, up from AED 2.75 in February 2022, while diesel has increased to AED 3.19 from AED 2.88 in February 2022.

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