Roberta Colla Micheli: The Extraordinary Vision of a CEO

“I live the present treasuring the past and dreaming of a wonderful future. Never be afraid to dare.”

Roberta is an Italian Chief Executive Officer, visual designer, communication, and public relations specialist of Simone Micheli Architectural Hero. This woman has found her balance in spontaneous and unconventional creativity. She has a strong passion for rationality, professionalism, and uplifting inventions that leads her to capture beauty easily and express it through her art. 

Aside from being an art enthusiast, she is also a mom of two wonderful sons, Simone’s loving wife, and an understanding leader of her staff and collaborators in different parts of the world. 

She loves meeting people and creating relationships. 

She has dedicated herself to arts since she was a child, appreciating the details of beauty, and positively has the vision to affirm differences in the world of fine art. In this philosophy, she realized that giving a visual identity towards objects, companies, or people who wish to see their essence translated into an image is an essential part of utilizing skill and talent. 

“I started working as a graphic and visual designer even before graduating. I have done many different things but always related jobs. As soon as I met Simone Micheli, we decided to work together, combining our skills to create a new mix that would go beyond traditional design and architecture,” she said. 

Starting from the starch

Life has the notion that every successful individual always starts from scratch. And for Roberta, she proudly shared that her success started from a humble beginning. 

Roberta said: “We started from scratch, and thanks to our commitment, inventiveness, and ability to communicate with the world, we managed to make it happen.”

For her, it is a dream that becomes a reality day after day. Her experiences have contributed to pursuing the fire that she has from within. According to Roberta, she never stops creating and learning from her practices and mistakes.  

“Like all people who started from scratch, on their own, I have faced numerous challenges, personal and professional, during my career. I’ve had to put myself out there and have learned to turn defeats into learning experiences, limits into resources for creativity,” Roberta added. 

Work and life balance

This woman of creativity has been in Dubai for several years, although not settling down in the emirate, still visiting the place for business, friends, and collaborators several times a year. 

“I grew relentlessly, learning from mistakes, putting myself on the line. Fear paralyzes. But it would be best if you didn’t stop or be afraid to jump in. Life always gives us wonderful surprises,” she uttered. 

Her passion for creating new things, exploring the contemporary world, and increasing her knowledge everyday impact seeing everything on a brighter side. She believes that when an individual wants to fulfill a dream, someone should look for stimuli and transform them into engines for progress. 

She said: “I dream of continuing to live to the full of my energies as time goes by. I wish my children a wonderful future where they can do what they want to do, to their full potential. I hope that fear will never paralyze them, that they will never lose the courage to dare.”¬†

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