The volunteers of “We Are All Police” initiative at the Sheikh Zayed Festival at Al Wathba area demonstrated the Emirati culture of volunteerism by providing assistance to visitors during the Festival’s events and activities.

The “We Are All Police” volunteers are well-trained and skilled from their volunteering experience acquired through years of community work at the global event. Their level of organisation and know-how is reflected on their efforts while facilitating the public’s visit to the Festival, and by introducing them to the various events and performances with an enthusiastic attitude to deliver the highest level of assistance to different nationalities and age groups that are essential to the success of the Festival.

The launch of the “We Are All Police” initiative comes in alignment with Abu Dhabi Police’s commitment to build a strong connection and engagement with the community, as Abu Dhabi Police is committed to providing the community with the best security measures throughout the Festival’s run.

The participation of “We Are All Police” volunteers at the Sheikh Zayed Festival is one of several volunteering programmes. Volunteers’ roles are focused on organising cultural activities, concerts and securing various events in both the pavilions and other facilities at the Festival.

The volunteering programme is open for all regardless of nationality as long as they are able to accomplish their responsibilities to contribute to the safety and success of the event. The “We Are All Police” programme aspires to instil in the spirit of volunteerism in order to work together with the public and for them to become essential partners to maintain the security of the emirate.

The “We Are All Police” initiative in the UAE is inspired by legacy of the Founding Father, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, and was passed onto Emirati youth, who are eager to demonstrate their volunteering efforts and their high level of responsibility in fulfilling their duties.