Stores in Dubai will start charging for plastic bag in 40 days

On July 1, all stores in Dubai will not be exempted to the mandatory charge of 25 fils on single-use bags at their counters. This program is also compulsory to deliveries. 

According to the Executive Council of Dubai (ECD), the projects will run through over different stages until the plastics bags will completely vanished in the market in two years. 

In the survey conducted by ECD to Dubai residents about charging and total ban of single-plastic, 85 percent of them are support of the policy. Research said that hundred of camels and turtles die every year after consuming plastics in the environment of the country. This policy would support the sustainability program in the environment of Dubai Executive Council.

According to the interview conducted by Khaleej Times, the tariff will be applied to all single-use bags. All stores should apply a tariff of 25 fils for each single-use bag. The tariff will start on July 1, 2022,  A complete ban will be implemented within two years.

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