Storms across Europe have killed at least a dozen people

 Storms tore across Europe on Friday and Saturday, leading to at least a dozen deaths and leaving tens of thousands without power across the continent.

“Several deaths were reported in Germany, the Netherlands, Britain and Ireland due to three cyclones, named Zeynap, Dudley and Eunice,” German news agency (dpa) reported.

Thousands of homes were left without power in Britain, where Storm Eunice brought strong winds, heavy rainfall and caused millions of pounds worth of damage. Three people died.

Strong winds are also forecast in Britain for the coming days and are expected to disrupt travel, power supplies and recovery efforts.

Four people died in the Netherlands due to the storm, with three hit by falling trees and the fourth killed in a car accident.

At least three people died in Germany due to storm Zeynep. The fire brigade was called out thousands of times nationwide due to trees that were blown over, damage to buildings and objects flying around in the winds.

Insurers in Germany estimated the damage at more than €900 million ($1 billion).

There were numerous interruptions to rail travel nationwide, with delays on some lines expected to last until Monday.

Four people in Poland died in the storm, while at least one more was injured. The Polish fire brigade was called out to around 13,000 incidents overnight due to Zeynep, according to a spokesperson.

Numerous trees blocked roads and roofs were blown off. A large sheet of metal was torn from the National Museum in Szczecin. Tens of thousands of households were left without electricity, especially in the Western Pomerania region.

In the Czech Republic, around 26,000 households were left without electricity and Prague’s city administration called on people not to venture into parks or forests for the time being.

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