Cloudy weather will cause temperatures to rise in UAE over the next few days


UAE residents can expect cloudy weather with an increase in temperatures during 

the coming days, according to forecasters.

The National Center of Meteorology (NCM) reported that Sunday would be humid with an

increase of temperature in general. 

Although, the residents can expect cloudy weather during the coming days with an increase in temperature as well. 

Weekdays forecast

Monday- Overcome coastal and Northern areas will experience dusty and partly cloudy weather in general with a decrease in temperature. 

Tuesday- Low clouds will appear over some mountainous areas. It would be partly cloudy in general and the country will experience light rains with decrease in temperature. 

Wednesday- Humid with a chance of fog is expected on this day with fair to partly cloudy with an increase in temperatures. 

Thursday-  Fog and mist formation by morning over the coastal and fair to partly cloudy with another increase in temperature.

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