Sustainable Green Building Codes launch at EXPO 2020

The United Arab Emirates has launched a set of green building codes to help save energy and water on Friday, during Expo 2020 Dubai’s Water Week.

Suhail bin Mohammed Al Mazrouei, Minister of Energy and Infrastructure, introduced the list of terms, conditions and specs that government buildings and organisations are encouraged to uphold in an effort to be get sustainable and environmentally-friendly.

Speaking at the Terra -The Sustainability Pavilion- the minister said: “The initiative seeks to unify local and federal efforts and goals relevant to energy and water efficiency standards at the state level, and contribute to the creation of high-efficiency buildings, as well as work on updating current construction manuals and streamline the development of new guidelines and regulations that align with the objectives of the UAE for the next 50 years, its aspirations to become a global leader in the field of sustainable economic development.”

The codes have been prepared by the ministry in collaboration with relevant federal and local authorities in line with the UAE Energy Strategy 2050 and the Water Security Strategy 2036. They provide a list of standards, conditions and requirements that ensure a more sustainable environment for future generations, reduce energy and water consumption, mitigate the carbon footprint of construction and building sites, and improve the quality of buildings and the environment around them.

“The Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure renews our commitment to unifying efforts to reduce energy and water consumption, preserve natural resources and the environment, and promote the transition towards a green economy that supports sustainable development in the UAE,” Al Mazrouei added.

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