With ‘Gateway to the Metaverse,’ HoW broadens the vision of artists

The House of Wisdom, an iconic futuristic and cultural hub, is continuing to broaden the vision of artists, creators, and collectors in the region’s blockchain community with the launch of the second iteration of the emirate’s ongoing non-fungible token (NFT) art exhibition, “Gateway to the Metaverse”.

The exciting NFT digital art of a new cohort of 49 international and 15 local artists opened on 24th March, 2022, at the multifunctional Al Khawarizmi Exhibition at the House of Wisdom. It offered artists, tech enthusiasts, cultural institutions, and art collectives the opportunity to explore the potential of the fascinating and immersive universe of the web3 art world.

Organised by the Global Art Exhibition (GAE), a multidisciplinary global project connecting talents, and the MORROW collective, the UAE’s leading NFT curatorial initiative, the animated images featuring 3D renderings, surrealist and abstract art forms, amongst others, are displayed on 24 high-resolution digital screens until 15th April. Artists from across the MENA region, Europe, Asia, and the United States are being represented in the new and final iteration of the exhibition.

Following the opening, Stefano Favaretto, NFT artist, curator, and Co-founder of Global Art Exhibition (GAE), led visitors and guests on a guided tour. Anna Seaman, Co-founder of the MORROW collective, engaged the local artists in a dialogue on their artistic vision and journey into the metaverse during the tour.

Commenting on the opening, Marwa Al Aqroubi, Director of the House of Wisdom, said, “NFTs are today reinventing the way we engage with art. As a hub of learning and knowledge transfer, the House of Wisdom is continually looking at ways to serve, educate, and connect the budding NFT community in Sharjah and the UAE to explore new directions in digital art.”

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