Prada explores classicism and modernity

For Spring/Summer 2021, Prada Eyewear explores classicism and modernity with a new collection combining iconic elements and contemporary designs, which gives life to a new definition of harmony.

The Prada Scultoreo special collection speaks of the brand’s avant-garde spirit. The styles feature a new iconographic reinterpretation of Prada’s traditional triangle logo, combined with three-dimensional frames and ultra-modern profiles.

The Prada Cinéma story is rewritten with an updated look and feel, a sophisticated and contemporary appeal that takes form in the new feminine and geometric metal frames.

For Spring/Summer 2021, the Prada Duple collection also makes a comeback, with a mix of harshness and sensuality. The bold metal construction is characterized by original pop enameled inserts highlighting the details on the front.

The new Spring/Summer 2021 Prada eyewear collection for men expresses itself with minimalist constructions that deliberately clash with modern detailing.

The Prada Scultoreo special collection is personalized by an iconographic reinterpretation of Prada’s traditional triangle logo and takes form in the contemporary style conveyed by a combination of three-dimensional frames and geometric profiles.

The Prada Duple collection is enriched with new structure, where the contemporary feel of the flat-top fronts and of the sharp lines is disrupted along the temples.



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