Spend weekends ala Español at Lola Taberna Española

Dubai, UAE: Spend the weekend the Spanish way at Lola Taberna Española , where guests can enjoy excellent food and drinks with family and friends in an unpretentious and casual setting. 

Every Friday, the neighborhood Spanish restaurant and tapas bar celebrates the very best of Spain’s culinary offerings with Viernes de Lunch, a market-style lunch featuring live food stations including one of Dubai’s first Jamón bars as well as a paella stand. The unlimited food and house beverages are always something to look forward to.

To make the experience more enjoyable, Lola holds a ‘Porrón it on me’ competition every Friday. A cross between a watering can and a decanter, a porrón is used as a traditional way to send a stream of wine straight to the mouth. 

Saturdays at Lola are even more relaxed, with its family-friendly atmosphere, a good place to gather with loved ones or with friends to enjoy Sabados de Lunch. The afternoon will start, as often custom in Spain, with a Vermouth style aperitif that guests can choose to select on their preference. A selection of sharing starters will be served, followed by a flavorful paella, and will conclude with a selection of desserts.

From the bustling streets of Barcelona to the ancient port of Cádiz, where the Andalusian icon Lola Flores was born, Lola pays tribute to Spanish cuisine and culture in a casual, contemporary, and relaxed taberna-style atmosphere. With food cooked from the heart and music sang from the soul, Lola brings back those long Spanish family lunches that turn into dinners. A concept that puts as much attention on the food and drinks as it does in the design of the space, encouraging conversations between guests and staff. As the night evolves, Lola migrates from a casual dining taberna to a lively evening atmosphere. Located at TRYP by Wyndham Dubai, LOLA   caters to crowds who love to gather and enjoy food, delicious drinks, and friendly service. 

Opening hours: Sun-Thursday: 5pm – 1am| Friday & Saturday: 1pm – 2am 

Visit www.lolataberna.com or follow us on Facebook / Instagram


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