UAE desalination plants deliver drinking water to Gaza shelters

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has initiated the delivery of potable water from its desalination facilities located in Rafah, Egypt, to shelters in the Gaza Strip.

This effort is part of the ‘Gallant Knight 3’ humanitarian operation, garnering positive reception from Gaza residents. The comprehensive water transfer involves pumping desalinated water from UAE’s Rafah plants to Gaza, facilitated by a newly installed 900-meter pipeline connecting the desalination facilities to the Gaza water network through the Egyptian borders.

Operating at full capacity, the three plants generate around 600,000 gallons of water daily, catering to the needs of approximately 300,000 Palestinians. Launched on November 5, 2023, the ‘Gallant Knight 3’ operation by the UAE aims to provide crucial humanitarian assistance to the people of Gaza.

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